Speedy Gallegos Liquor & Wines

1118 N.E. Seward Ave., Topeka

Cormier Retail Liquor

2611 S.E. California Ave., Topeka

Lakeside Wine & Spirits

3627 S.E. 29th, Topeka

Reed's Lakeside Bar & Grill

2920 SE Croco Road, Topeka

Formerly McB's, Reed's Lakeside Bar & Grill, attracts regulars as well as people from neighboring Lake Shawnee who want relief from playing baseball, golfing, fishing or swimming. Relax in Reed's cushy chairs, enjoy the food and drink from the bar while watching sports on one of many TVs. Local boxers Derrick and Damon Reed also owns Reed's Ringside Bar just north of Topeka.

Hot Pockets

1909 NE Seward Ave, Topeka

The pool hall also serves bar food, such as cheese sticks, fries and hamburgers. This is a neighborhood bar that allows minors in until 8 p.m. Sharon Suwalski has owned the bar for three years. She previously ran a different bar in North Topeka for 10 years.


2107 S.E. California Ave., Topeka

Whiplash is a laid-back place where nearby residents and people who used to live in the area kick back with drinks. It claims to have the best cheeseburger in town, but what really sticks out is the homemade roast beef sandwich. With roast beef piled high on two slices of Texas toast, a huge pile of mashed potatoes and homemade gravy, it's the special each Wednesday.

The Shack

2842 S.E. 29th St., Topeka

Cheeseburgers made with hand-rolled patties are the real draw here, but the cold beers (3.2 domestics) served at The Shack can hit the spot after a trip to neighboring Lake Shawnee for a round of golf or game. Just about everyone goes here. There are doctors and laywers in suits and construction workers with bits of concrete clinging to their jeans. Nothing fancy but certainly friendly.

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